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Furious Cat
23 July 2018

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A New Hope
29 June 2018

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Vulnerasti Cor Meum
31 May 2018

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Ingresso alla Corte
17 April 2018

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Forever Champion
12 April 2018

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History of F1
10 April 2018

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Captain America
26 March 2018

Thumbnail image

Tree In The Fog
17 January 2018

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Antigas Mask Evolution
5 October 2017

Thumbnail image

Happy New Year
1 January 2017

Thumbnail image

Babbe Natale
23 December 2015

Thumbnail image

American Breakfast
1 April 2015

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Diga del Molato
24 November 2011

Recent Comments

pascale on Furious Cat
hell yeah ! great capture !

Hiro on Profile of a Marmot
Superb telephoto shot !!

Steve Rice on Profile of a Marmot
A beautiful portrait.

Elaheh . Ƹl¡ on Angry Marmot
So cute !!

Lewis on Profile of a Marmot
Lovely portait, cute rodent.

Michael Rawluk on Profile of a Marmot
I love the look of its scruffy whiskers. Nice wildlife portrait.

badtgv on Profile of a Marmot

grouser on Profile of a Marmot
nice crisp portrait

Tomix on Profile of a Marmot
Wonderful !

Existence Artistique on Profile of a Marmot

pascale on Profile of a Marmot
so lovely !

pascale on Angry Marmot
oh I missed this one angry or yawning ? :) great !

jpla on Profile of a Marmot
Elle pose pour toi JP

Brockaly on Profile of a Marmot
Scary, our son brought a marmot from France but it has a battery inside.

Irene on Angry Marmot
Yes, I agree, quite angry !!!! Great shot .

Michael Rawluk on Angry Marmot
That is funny.

Elaine Hancock on Angry Marmot
An amazing portrait! I love it! He does look angry! 5*

Harry on Angry Marmot
I have never seen a fierce marmot before. Someone must have stolen his acorn.

Willem on Angry Marmot
Great and well timed.

tataray on Angry Marmot
wouahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..... dit-elle !... :)

Steve Rice on Angry Marmot
Don't mess with him! Excellent capture.

Ruthiebear on Angry Marmot
SUperb portrait - so expressive

Tomek on Angry Marmot
Excellent Superb portrait. Fantastic timing.

Mhelene on Angry Marmot
Beautiful capture !

Captain Guildive Ajoupa on Angry Marmot
Très belle capture pour une très intéressante attitude.

Devi on Angry Marmot
Gosh !! He is yelling Lucas!! May be he hates being photographed !!!

Shaun on Angry Marmot
A superb capture of the Marmot.

Lewis on Sweet Eyes
Great photo, pov.

Lewis on Curious Marmot
It is beautiful and relaxed, wonderful portrait.

Lewis on Angry Marmot
It sure would scare me off , great moment captured!

Dimitrios on Angry Marmot
A A A Adorable one

beach on Angry Marmot
I think he is telling you to back off!

grouser on Angry Marmot
Don't you shout at me :)

badtgv on Curious Marmot

pascale on Curious Marmot
auwch se is so cute wonderful shot

ARIKA on Curious Marmot
Nice animal image! Great tele-photo lens work!!

Michael Rawluk on Curious Marmot
That is excellent.

Shaun on Curious Marmot
Great portrait, very well taken image.

Harry on Curious Marmot
he'd better be careful or a man in a John Deere cap might be after him!

omid on Curious Marmot
so cute! :) Lovely portrait.

christine on Curious Marmot
oooh soooo cute !!!

mohammad on Curious Marmot
Lovely and cheesy animal, It is very difficult because of the speed of taking pictures, BRAVO to you dear LUCA!

Jypyä Pop on Curious Marmot
Very funny guy

Steve Rice on Curious Marmot
A wonderful portrait!

beach on Curious Marmot
Excellent capture.

Devi on Curious Marmot
Aw!!! He is soooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute ! Lovely shot and very nice details here :)

Anne on Curious Marmot
Hello you! Cute animal!

Existence Artistique on Curious Marmot
excellente prise

Ronnie 2¢ on Curious Marmot
awww . . what a sweet little face !

Elaheh . Ƹl¡ on Panorama sulla Valsugana

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