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Ferrari Hall Of Glory
13 December 2017

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Vortex in the Sky
30 October 2017

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Antigas Mask Evolution
5 October 2017

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7 September 2017

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Four Colors Tree
23 January 2017

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Happy New Year
1 January 2017

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Christmas Crib
31 December 2016

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13 July 2016

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Babbe Natale
23 December 2015

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American Breakfast
1 April 2015

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Diga del Molato
24 November 2011

Recent Comments

Steve Rice on Ferrari Hall Of Glory

Existence Artistique on Ferrari Hall Of Glory

Darkelf Photography on Vortex in the Sky
Stunning clouds! The forms are almost alien in nature. Excellent colour too.

Ronnie 2¢ on Vortex in the Sky
Such an extraordinary sky . . kinda frightening in its way !

Steve Rice on Vortex in the Sky
Strange and very beautiful sky.

Gérard on Vortex in the Sky
Spectacular phenomenon extremely well captured

B. Thomas on Vortex in the Sky
Sorry - nice capture.

B. Thomas on Vortex in the Sky
Impressive clouds. Nice calture.

Steve Rice on Antigas Mask Evolution
That is amazing!

omid on Antigas Mask Evolution
Amazing !!!

Existence Artistique on Antigas Mask Evolution

Steve Rice on Bard
Lovely bridge.

Existence Artistique on Bard

Steve Rice on San Giorgio, il Drago e la Principessa
Beautiful capture.

Existence Artistique on San Giorgio, il Drago e la Principessa

Steve Rice on Cortile del Castello di Fenis
A beautiful shot in the castle.

omid on Cortile del Castello di Fenis
such beautiful frame & colors! Amazing details!

Existence Artistique on Cortile del Castello di Fenis

Steve Rice on Castello di Fenis
What a grand castle you found here!

Ronnie 2¢ on Castello di Fenis
It still looks impregnable . . a classic image.

Existence Artistique on Castello di Fenis

beach on Castello di Fenis
Still a magnificent structure.

omid on Castello di Fenis
such beautiful composition, colors & lights! Amazing castle!

Steve Rice on Dangerous Archway
Yes, it looks very unstable.

Ronnie 2¢ on Dangerous Archway
Hard Hats only . .

Steve Rice on Walking into the Fortress
Nice textures in the walls.

Existence Artistique on Walking into the Fortress
Bel effet

Steve Rice on Downstairs
An excellent passage in this old fort. Beautiful B&W.

Existence Artistique on Downstairs
Bel effet et perspective

Steve Rice on Forte Medio di Mattarello
An interesting old fort.

Existence Artistique on Forte Medio di Mattarello

Hiro on Panoramica sul Lago di Braies
wonderful panorama !

Steve Rice on Panoramica sul Lago di Braies
A cool panorama.

Existence Artistique on Panoramica sul Lago di Braies

beach on Panoramica sul Lago di Braies
Marvelous panarama

Steve Rice on <
Very cool!

Existence Artistique on <
bien cette montée

Dimitrios on <

beach on <
Love the strong lines. Well seen.

Steve Rice on Lights and Reflections
Lovely light and reflections.

Existence Artistique on Lights and Reflections
une intéressante recherche

Shaun on Lights and Reflections
Magnificent light, color and shadows. Excellent image. 5*

Anna Cherer on Lights and Reflections
Beautiful landscape and reflections.

Steve Rice on Palafitta
Beautiful place. I like the building on stilts.

Existence Artistique on Palafitta

Steve Rice on Lago di Braies
A beautiful lake and mountains.

Existence Artistique on Lago di Braies

Devi on Lago di Braies
wonderful calm place to be in ! Great capture !

Annima on Lago di Braies
A nice place.

Steve Rice on Silver Dolomites
Brooding mountains and sky!

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